Basic things everyone should have in their home

You cannot expect to survive hostile or inclimate situations if you have done nothing to prepare yourself and your family. As with everything in life, the winner was decided before the fight. It is all about the preparations.

Here is a list of basic things I keep in my house that everyone should have.

  1. Water– This one goes without saying. Water is the source of life, keep it around and in high volumes. Preferred would be bottles to protect it from possible contamination. A store brand case of water will only run you about $3.00. My wife and I add it to every grocery list and store it in the basement. Cheap, easy, and can save your family.
  2. Long Lasting Food– This is another no brainer. Riding out the storm is no fun with no food. There are several cheap options to go with. While there not our favorite foods they can keep us alive when in need. Cheap and easy to store options include: Spam, vienna sausage, flavored rice packs, oatmeal, canned fruit and vegetables, pasta and much more. Be weary of foods that require water as you do not want to run out of it.
  3. Wireless Radio– Whether it be battery or crank powered radio may be your only way to get updates on what is going on. I lean toward crank because I do not risk running out of batteries but anything is better than nothing.
  4. First aid kit– First aid is a must have. Get the supplies and learn to use them. You can build a perfectly fine kit at your local dollar store for under $30.00 or build a surg bag for hundreds. I will do a post on my surg bag soon. Hopefully the bag is never needed but do not take that chance.
  5. Distractions– Last thing on the “basics” list is something to pass the time. Who knows how long this will last so give your family something to ease the stress. My family has some card games, books, board games, yard games, etc. Of all the things to go wrong, loosing your mind is the worst.

I will be doing a more advanced list soon. Until then get your basics together. As always do not forget to subscribe to the Master Tactics family. Thanks, stay safe, and never be a victim!

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