Easy and Effective Ways To Secure Your Home

Your home is your safe haven so making sure if is proctected from outside threats is a big deal. As I always say the best way to win the fight is to avoid it. Furthermore some of the best security measures are threat deterance. In this post I will give you my top 5 threat deterance that are both EASY and EFFECTIVE.

  1. Bushes– Plants and bushes are a very underrated way to keep criminals out of your home. Simply plant them in front of your windows, preferably plants with thorns such as roses and hollys. This has the added benefit of increasing your house aesthetically.
  2. Security Sign– Get a sign that says this house is protected by (fill in the blank). It really does not matter if it is true or not because normally a criminal will not chance it. Quite often this will make an intruder move on.
  3. Lighting– Being a well lit house is critical. Yes most intrusions happen during the day time but some do not, so have your lights set up. A set of motion detecting flood lights and porch lights go a long way. They both let the criminal know you can see them and let you know to look.
  4. Locks and more locks– I have been quoted saying that locks are only for the honest and this is generally true. That being said they sure slow things down. I seriously recommend having atleast a dead bolt on all entrance doors. I however suggest getting reinforced door frames and door bars. A door bar will keep some of the strongest legs from kicking your door open. Make sure to also pad lock your Bilco doors and to drop and door jam in all sliding doors and windows.
  5. A loud Dog– My favorite of all my alarms is my German Shepard. He is big, scary, and loud. Though he would not hurt a fly, an intruder does not know that. If the bark does not scare someone away, it lets you know someone is there. Your dog can hear things well before you can. Because of how scary his bark is I have even added a beware of dog sign just to really drive the point home.

There are plenty of ways to deter criminals and even more ways to foil their plans. This was a list of my 5 favorite deterance. If there are any that you think should be in my top five or if you just have a comment/question please comment below. We also love suggested subjects. Most of all… Master your Tactics and NEVER BE A VICTIM.

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