Threat Detection (Rule Of 3 Anomalies)

Threat Detection is a critical skill to have. In a world like the one we live in today where mass shootings and violent outburst are imminent, it can be the difference between life and death. Threat Detection is exactly how it sounds. It is the ability to spot a threat before it harms you. There are 1000’s of techniques, some are absolute gold and some are absolute crap, so choose wisely. The rule of 3 anomalies is certainly not the best technique but it is fairly easy to use and I find that it is remarkably consistent and accurate.

First, what is an anomaly? An anomaly is anything that strays from the normal standards. In our practice it is applied to people, places, or situations.

In Practice- When using this technique with people for instance, I am constantly looking for changes in their behaviour, appearance, emotional, etc. As I notice differences I start to apply the rule of 3. With people if I notice 3 things out of the norm within a short period of time, I feel confident in saying that something is up. The same can be can be said for places and situations. If you notice in a place you frequent that things are different than normal, it would be wise to investigate or minimum become more cautious.

Example- In Afghanistan soldiers are commonly tasked with watching villages and/or individuals. (See our blog on choosing an Observation Point). If they were to notice and individual walk into a building with fertilizer (commonly used in IED’s). Later they see a man walk in who is clean shaven and well dressed (preparing for Allah). Then later they see the same man holding a cell phone or some other electronic uncommom to the area (likely a detonator). In that circumstance I would treat this as a highly possible threat.

Tip– Keep a journal log of when what and who. This will help you keep track and not make mistakes.

Remember not all anomalies are threats but some are so investigate cautiously. As always Master your Tactics and NEVER BE A VICTIM

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