5 Tips For Your Kids To Survive A School Shooting

I know this is a very sensitive subject but that is not an excuse to be unprepared. There are things our children can do to increase the survival rates for their self and others. That being said it is on you to teach them. Gun free zones and this new age safe place concept do not keep them alive and unfortunately they can not concealed carry at school. There are many things that can be done as well as many things that should not be done. Here are the top 5 Master Tactics tips to keep your kids alive in a school shooting.

1. Analyze Fast- This is not a stand still technique. While moving to cover your kids need to get as much info as possible and this practice will continue through out the entire event. They will want to try to detect who, what, when, where, and how. Who cares why… Just stay alive. They (without risking their life) will find out who the shooter is and/or who they are targeting. Search for any time patterns possible ( 3 seconds of shooting followed by 2 second hesitation) as an example. Where is the threat coming from and where is it going. Get as many hows as possible. How does he shoot, maneuver, reload, etc. Your child will use all this info to stay alive.

2. Stay Under Center Mass- Mass shooters normally try to take out as many people as possible which is mostly done through shots to the head and chest. Simply put stay below that target line. This drastically increases the likelihood that shots will go overhead.

3. Stay Away From The Crowd– Running is not always smart if everyone else already is. A mass shooter is shooting at the masses hence the name. It would seem obvious to say, do not be in the crowd. Do whatever it takes to stay away from groups of people. When moving from the crowd revert to tip 2 and stay low. If somehow their stuck in the crowd use tip 2 and stay low.

4. Cover- Schools are full of ways to improvise some cover. Most thick text books can stop a small round, certainly a book bag full of books. Desks, thick doors, walls, in some cases lockers all will likely work as well. The more you can get infront of your head and chest the better. For mobility reasons I recommemd holding a bookbag filled with school books infront of you while running. Whatever method is possible, cover is a priority in a fire fight especially when you are unarmed.

5. Make Your Move- Hesitation gets people killed as brash as that sounds. When you have an opportunity it may be gone by the time you talk yourself into taking it. Have plans made up in your head based on the situation (see tip 1). Examples.. When he turns Im running for the door. If he walks by my cover Im tackling him. If he reloads Im rushing him. I do not suggest any of those hypotheticals as every situation is different. However use tip 1 to have various plans. Tips 2-4 to stay alive until you have an opportunity. Then the moment you get a chance make and move. Do this fast and with violence of action. Whether it be run, hide, or fight there is never a second for hesitation.

I know this is hard to think about but it is truly something you and your kids should talk about and train in. I hope it never happens again but just in case. Leave any questions, comments, or suggestions below.

As always Master your Tactics and NEVER BE A VICTIM.

3 thoughts on “5 Tips For Your Kids To Survive A School Shooting

  1. You should do an article about how to treat a gun shot wound in the field. Might be helpful for victims of mass shootings.


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