Tip To Survive A House Fire

House fires are incredibly dangerous and happen every day all around the world. So common that there is a good chance you or someone you know has faced one. The scary truth is that fires are pretty tyrannical and can spread very fast, so time is NOT to be wasted. Here are 5 tactics to master for surviving a house fire.

1. Check the Doors– Although you may want to just run through the door as fast as you can to escape the fire you must check any door you open before opening (especially if you haven’t actually seen the fire). First off check the doors temperature. If it is hot there is a good chance that the room on the other side is on fire. Secondly if that room is on fire and said fire has consumed most of the oxygen in that room, opening the door would introduce a rapid flow of oxygen and cause an explosion.

2. Stay Low– People have argued to me that getting out as fast as possible is the most important thing to which I agree but just running as fast as you can is not always the right answer. You may be hurrying off to death or serious injury. Both heat and smoke rise so your chances are better if you get down below them. Low crawling is probably a little too slow but hustling on your hands and knees is likely a good alternative.

3. Condition Your Air- Smoke inhalation is a MASSIVE threat when dealing with a house fire especially if escape is not immediate. If anyway possible damp a rag or cloth with water and keep in over your mouth. Do not go crazy, you do not want to waterboard yourself. This technique helps to collect ash and smoke to prevent them from getting into your lungs.

4. Move away from walls and centers- A trick and old firefighter friend told me was to stay between the wall and center of the room when moving. There are several reasons. First the walls could to be burning which makes them hot and prone to collapse so stay away from walls. Secondly the center of the room is under the most pressure so during a fire it is more likely to collapse when holding your weight. Third a quick glimpse into most homes will show that most furniture is either centered or against the wall so stay in between the 2 and you prevent obstacles and burning objects.

5. Get Up Get Out– The most important tip as always is saved for last. HAVE A PLAN!!!! The time you waste trying to figure out your escape could be what just killed you and your loved ones. And lets not forget the heros who will be looking for your body. Sit down with your family today or communicate with your local fire team and build and escape plan from every room. That simple task could save your family.

Thanks guys and a HUGE shout out to the heros battling these fires every day to keep us safe. Love you guys.

This was my top 5 tips for surviving a house fire. And suggestions, questions or comments, get me with a comment below. As always Master your Tactics amd NEVER BE A VICTIM.

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