5 Tips For Your Kids To Survive A School Shooting

I think this has some great info for all you parents out there

Master Tactics

I know this is a very sensitive subject but that is not an excuse to be unprepared. There are things our children can do to increase the survival rates for their self and others. That being said it is on you to teach them. Gun free zones and this new age safe place concept do not keep them alive and unfortunately they can not concealed carry at school. There are many things that can be done as well as many things that should not be done. Here are the top 5 Master Tactics tips to keep your kids alive in a school shooting.

1. Analyze Fast- This is not a stand still technique. While moving to cover your kids need to get as much info as possible and this practice will continue through out the entire event. They will want to try to detect who, what, when, where, and how…

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