Does Your Lifestyle Make You An Easy Target

There are certain patterns that easy targets display. The flip side of that is that there are certain traits that non-victims display. We cover this topic heavily in the Master Tactics – Never The Victim course. (Reach out via email or comment for more info on our courses). In this article I will go over my top 5 do’s and dont’s for tactical lifestyle choices. Without any further delay….

1. Change It Up – I have put much effort into make sure my habits are not predictable. In short I strive to create NO patterns. I with great emphasis urge all those I train to develop this technique. The fact of the matter is… If you have no patterns, I cannot predict your behavior or whereabouts. If I can not predict them then I cannot use them against you. We all know that guy that buys the same coffee and newspaper at the same gas station at 7:15 every morning. Picking him off would be childs play. Lethality aside, robbing his home would be cake. I know he is not home at 7:15. You can avoid this predictability through countless techniques. Common examples are… Choose your route to work at random each day, leave your home at different times (occasionally return), mix it up with what stores you go to, trade vehicles with your spouse every now and then, use the back door instead of the front from time to time, etc…

2. Blend In – I very rarely wear any designer clothes or anything flashy…. Why? Because where I live people do not dress that way. I typically drive plain vehicles void of stickers and wear clothes with nothing eye catching. The concept here is that I am a ghost when I pass by. I strive to be completely unnoticed. Trainees in our course learn quickly that it only takes one slip up with this rule and you have made yourself known forever.

3. Stay Quite – Not to brag but I am one hell of a good shot but I have no NRA or gun stickers on my car. I have trained Ju Jitsu and Krav Maga yet no Tapout shirts. No one knows what gear, supplies, or skills I possess. Certainly no one knows to what degree. Master Tactics strongly suggest that you keep your tounge still when I comes to your training. Learn from all those before you, it only causes problems.

4. Everyone’s Friend – This one is pretty fundamental. Do Not Piss People Off!!! Choose your battles very wisely. Is a political arguement really worth an enemy? Is a spat about your neighbors tree worth an enemy? You can have conflict and disagreement but learn how to do it friendly. With cases like the tree learn to negotiate to a mutual end. Cases like politics, learn to listen and respect. You don’t have to voice your opinion and you dont have to agree. Just respectfully listen. It is not worth the enemy. Keep everyone in your court and playing your game.

5. Position Yourself To Survive – This is my number 1 rule in life. If you master nothing else, master this! Should all of the other tactics fail you this one will provide an advantage right off the bat. Essentially what you do is be very critical about where and how you position yourself. Some examples… When I enter a building I quickly get myself to a point where few or no people are out of my site, I also stay away from windows if possible and close to exits. That leads to the next example which is that we teach our students to find all possible exit with great haste. You should constantly be scanning for possible threats. Never enter a room to crowded for you to be in control if possible. Those are just some examples but the list for this is endless.

Living life strategically is so important for 2 reasons. 1- It betters your chances of survival should you ever stumble into the theater of some unfortunate event. 2- It provides you with constand 24/7 practice.

For more information on Master Tactics classes, questions, comments, or anything else shoot me an email or comment below.

As always Master your Tactics and NEVER BE A VICTIM

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