AR-15… Why I Recommend It

This article is being writen for the novice and those who are not gun experts. It will hopefully explain the reasons behind owning an AR-15 and maybe help some anti AR folk to an understanding. With no delay lets jump in.

The AR-15 has been the subject of brutal slander and misrepresentation for a while now. Truth be told, it is a remarkable tool and an incredible assett. Despite what most say, it is not an A- assult R- rifle. While that is an option, semi automatic is far more common and accessible to the general population. Despite it being blamed for taking so many lives, that is more heavily accredited to hand guns and more importantly murders. Also yes, it is a military STYLE weapon but so are semiauto pistals and shotguns. On that same note… Camo, 2 way radios, and hummers are military style also but I digress.

I am a huge advocate of the AR-15 because of it’s amazing versatility. For example, I have trained close quarters up to 300 yards with the AR-15 and have had outstanding results. For all of you against the rifle who say I do not need the AR for close quarters I present the suggestion that every gun expert maintains. “Shoot the gun you are comfortable with”. If I am comfortable with the AR it would be reckless to choose a different weapon for home defence. Some also say it is not a practical hunting rifle. Please leave in the comments why I could not put an optic on my AR and use it to hunt.

I love how seemlessly a 30 round mag wells in the AR. There is virtually no interference with a 30 round mag. Many ask what do you need a 30 round mag for? My response is, what do you need 40mpg in you car for? Because it last longer and you do not worry about running out. Would you prefer to have just enough money to pay your bills or would a little extra give you that feeling of security?

I am overwhelmed by all of the add ons and attachments available for the AR. There really is something for everyone. You can go for a nice optic for all you hunters and sport shooters or you can get a laser and strobes for those who want to protect their house. I have found that a lot of people object to the second option here. When you find a way to eliminate crime, I will work on eliminating guns.

The absolute simplicity with feild stripping and maintenance on the AR is dumbfounding. That weapon can be very well cleaned in minutes. Also any malfunction can be corrected in a hostile situation. The way the weapon is put together and the great ease with disassembly and reassembly has made malfuctions much more manageable.

No matter where you stand on the 2nd amendment, it is still in our constitution and hopefully with remain untampered with. So long as that is the case I highly recommend owning and mastering the AR-15, it is a truly remarkable piece of equipment.

Remember to always practice weapon safety and to train diligently with whatever weapon system you have.

As always Master your Tactics and NEVER BE A VICTIM

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