AR-15… Why I Recommend It

This article is being writen for the novice and those who are not gun experts. It will hopefully explain the reasons behind owning an AR-15 and maybe help some anti AR folk to an understanding. With no delay lets jump in. The AR-15 has been the subject of brutal slander and misrepresentation for a whileContinue reading “AR-15… Why I Recommend It”

How To Treat Gunshot Wounds In The Field

This topic came as a request from one of our readers. I am happy you asked because it is commonly an over looked subject. It can go by many names (trauma care, critical care, field aid, improvised first aid). These things are different than typical first aid and are much different than a field medicContinue reading “How To Treat Gunshot Wounds In The Field”

Does Your Lifestyle Make You An Easy Target

There are certain patterns that easy targets display. The flip side of that is that there are certain traits that non-victims display. We cover this topic heavily in the Master Tactics – Never The Victim course. (Reach out via email or comment for more info on our courses). In this article I will go overContinue reading “Does Your Lifestyle Make You An Easy Target”

5 Tips For Your Kids To Survive A School Shooting

I know this is a very sensitive subject but that is not an excuse to be unprepared. There are things our children can do to increase the survival rates for their self and others. That being said it is on you to teach them. Gun free zones and this new age safe place concept doContinue reading “5 Tips For Your Kids To Survive A School Shooting”

Threat Detection (Rule Of 3 Anomalies)

Threat Detection is a critical skill to have. In a world like the one we live in today where mass shootings and violent outburst are imminent, it can be the difference between life and death. Threat Detection is exactly how it sounds. It is the ability to spot a threat before it harms you. ThereContinue reading “Threat Detection (Rule Of 3 Anomalies)”

How to pick an observation point

An observation point or OP is one of the greatest assests in the world of tactics and combat. It allows us to gather valuable intel from a safe unknown position. Consequently, we have the advantage to develop a stategic plan without the target ever knowing we are there. An OP is most commonly used inContinue reading “How to pick an observation point”